1 Week Ago.....

If you would have said to me, "You'll love this workout", I would have thought, "yaaaa right!" Boy I hate being wrong..

After week one of my new Kettlebell workout routine designed by Paul @ BurrRidge Kettlebell Club, I feel different. I have a bit more energy, I am sore but in a good way and I actually stuck to my plan.

So how did that happen? I targeted multiple muscle groups at once. See before kettlebell I did cardio and weights but my workouts took FOREVER! Now, in just a 30 minute session, I can workout my legs, arms and get in some cardio. My time spent on my workouts was cut in half with double the productivity. Now I could sit here and try to tell you  more on how this workout impacts you but let's leave it for the experts. Visit Paul's page and he can help you, just like me!

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