Day 8- I knew I hated JELL-O

I've been at it for eight days now and my muscles feel like JELL-O, something I have always despised except in the form of a shot. I blame deadlifts, cleans and snatches. For those who don't know what I said, those are deadly kettlebell terms, thanks Paul!

My favorite exercise:
20 deadlift swings, 3 times

In order to avoid muscle fatigue and losing the muscle you work so hard to get, finish your workout with protein!

Peanut Butter n Nanner Protein Shake
2 TBSP of peanut butter (I use PB2, its 85% less calories and fat)
1/2-1 banana
1 c Almond Milk
Ice to desired consistency

I used to be a shake girl at a local gym. The MAJOR thing you want to avoid are pre-mixed shakes, sugary additives (other than fruit) high fat milk bases. You CANNOT taste the difference between 2%, skim or even D when mixed in a smoothie. I'm a milk snob, I know!

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