Back off!


So what is the deal with bra fat? Why can't we get fat in the good areas of the upper body like our boobs?  Why not... well because life is just not fair that way. We get the child bearing hips, stretch marks and bodies we will never get back again. Oh boy, I cannot wait!
Other than being unsightly, back fat is not a good thing. Many people when working their upper body focus mainly on their abs and neglect their backs. This is a no no! Whenever working any major muscle, you need to target them all. Example: If you work your quads you need too work your hamstrings, when you work your lats you need to work your pec. So when you work your abs, you need to work your back.  It is very important for the body to maintain muscle balance. This prevents injury, increases flexibility and strength. And as an added bonus, it helps the whole area look lean and sexy.  What good is having fab abs if you have a flab back? So next time you do some crunches or planks, finish your workout with these great back exercises.
Click on the picture below for the full workout!  And for fun, replace the weights with kettlebells.

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