Running should be fun

Remember when we were little and running was fun? Who didn't want to run around outside all day playing capture the flag, kickball, penguin freeze tag or even running away from the friend's you didn't like.

Or how about running on this...

This would kick Wii's butt any day! This is the original Wii... with crappy graphics, cord's you tripped on and those circles that never worked when you stepped on them, but it was still fun! Running can still be fun! Make a game of it, challenge yourself each day by trying to beat your time everyday. Pretend you are running from a giant monster. Picture yourself as an Olympian and you are running towards the gold medal and your hot boyfriend Luke Bryan or Liam Hemsworth (if you are a guy reading this blog then run towards Heidi Klum or Mila Kunis). Just picture yourself doing something fun while running and it will be fun!

I took my first run in YEARS and I mean RUN with my dog and I couldn't believe no pain, I wasn't out of breathe, it felt amazing! I quickly learned that I will be losing my running buddy since I long distance running isn't for German Shepherds but that's ok. I live right in front of a 10 mile nature trail, I can make my own fun adventure. And just to be clear, by "running" and "long distance" I am talking about 3 miles, give or take. I don't think I ever ran that far in my life, but I do walk about 6 miles with the dog. Anyways, you will always be able to find yourself a fun way to run. Just ask me if you need some suggestions.

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