Super Swap Out: Alternative Ingredients to Make Any Meal Healthy

Cooking can be difficult for some, especially if you are on a diet. It may be hard for some to cut out some of those things that we all love like desserts and veggie dips or salad dressing. If you are taking baby steps with your diet or are just looking to eat healthier in general, here are some ways to cut back on the fat, calories, carbs and all of the things you have to get rid of because they really aren't good for you.

Apple Sauce
Substitute for: oil, sugar and butter

Adds: fiber
Saves: saturated fat

Non-Fat Greek Yogurt
Substitute for: sour cream
Adds: protein and calcium
Saves: fat and carbs
Substitute for: oil or butter, can also be used as a dip or dressing
Adds: "good fat", lowers cholesterol
Saves: bad fat
Almond Milk
Substitute for: regular milk or heavy cream.
Adds: calcium
Saves: calories and carbs
Substitute for: sugar, butter and fat
Adds: potassium
Saves: fat
Some of these items may seem "higher in calories" than their substitute. Remember to break down the nutritional value per serving and you may not use the entire banana or avocado so you are not eating all of the calories. Sometimes the swap for a few higher is worth the gain when you get "good fats" or potassium. Overall, any natural ingredient will always be better for you than processed ones.

*Check out the recipe page for some super swap out recipes!

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