Day 9 But my dog REALLY DID eat it.....

I woke up tired, sore, achy but still ready for more! After getting ready for work I made my juices for the day. I then realized that there wasn't an 87lbs hairy vacuum sitting at my feet waiting for scarps. I called out for my beloved Jax and nothing... Oh this can't be good. When a dog is silent, he is up to no good. As I peaked my head into my workout room aka my office I locked eyes with Jax. Awww how cute he was sitting with the kettlebell. As I went to get my camera to snap this sweet picture, I then realized that he wasn't sitting with it he was eating it! I couldn't take a picture of him with the kettlebell in his mouth I was too panicked but here is the look of sorrow afterwards.

Needless to say, when you are time pressed for a workout and have an antsy dog obviously needing attention, put down the kettlebell and take the dog for a walk. A 40 minute walk with the dog is a GREAT way to keep the pounds off.  Check out this chart for the calories you can burn at different paces on my "Fitness Info" page.

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