Day 1: 90 days until we Leave for the Wedding….. Wed July 10

It’s been seven months since we set our wedding date. Asides from taking our new puppy on long walks through the trail, my work out routine and diet has been non-existent. For an athlete nearly my entire life and a former five day a week workout fiend, that was unacceptable to me! I’m not sure if the realization that we leave for our destination wedding in 90 days finally hit me or I was just tired of excuses, either way I was ready to take control and get healthy.

I did not care to rejoin a gym. The fact they basically ask for your life in exchange for a membership was not something I wanted to get into again. My new elliptical that sat in a spider-filled basement was off limits. I felt my old routines of dumbbells and bands was getting me nowhere. Running out of options, I decided to give Burr Ridge Kettlebell Club (BRKC) a try. After all, I did help them with their marketing.

 I met with Paul as he would with any new consultation. He started off by having me write down my goals.
  1. Have more energy
  2. Sleep better
  3. Lose body fat
  4. Look great for my wedding!

Although I really wanted my number four goal to be number one, I decided how I felt is more important than how I looked.

Paul and I sat down and discussed a 90 day plan that included diet and exercise. He took my measurements and some pictures to help document my progress.
Diet:  I choose a juicing diet combined with high protein.  Check out this great first juicing recipe I created! (see my favorite recipes!)

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