"I am Iron Man"

Great song huh! Too bad I cannot say that being anemic is great. Out of all of the issues I have ever had, I would have to say being anemic is the worst. The only known solution to the fatigue, headaches and other icky symptoms is iron pills. It doesn't matter the dosage, slow release or "for sensitive stomachs", they all make me sick. As much as the pills helped the fatigue and headaches, the stomach pains were not worth it. I felt like I was out of options.

I looked up what fruits and veggies had iron in them and found "beets" on the list. I was very hesitant to try them, especially after my fiancĂ© kept calling me Dwight (you The Office fans know what I mean). They looked gross and I was unsure what they would taste like. But I knew I needed to do something to get some iron. So I decided to give it a try despite my reservations about the taste. We all know the best way to get any vitamin is from as natural of a source as possible. So I tried this juice. After my body got used the higher amounts of iron intake, all of the symptoms went away. I couldn't believe it. I gained back so much of my energy, which is probably what helped me get through all of these workouts.

 I highly recommend this juice to anyone who is anemic. It's time to throw those annoying pills away and go for the natural solution!

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